Extreme Financial Risks and Asset Allocation | ARIA Kulp-Wright Book Award 2016

The book won the ARIA (American Risk and Insurance Association) Kulp-Wright Book Award (2016).

The Kulp-Wright Book Award is presented annually by the American Risk and Insurance Association to the author(s) of a book considered to be the most influential one published on the subjects of risk management and insurance


A pedagogical work of updated financial models using Lévy processes. Very well written, very well explained and argued with examples and appropriate simulations. Recommended to academics, researchers and PhD students, slightly less to practitioners.

Zentralblatt MATH (here)

Visit Amazon  or World Scientific website (Foreword by Yacine Aït-Sahalia and chapter 1 dowloadable).


Each financial crisis calls for — by its novelty and the mechanisms it shares with preceding crises — appropriate means to analyze financial risks. In Extreme Financial Risks and Asset Allocation, the authors present in an accessible and timely manner the concepts, methods, and techniques that are essential for an understanding of these risks in an environment where asset prices are subject to sudden, rough, and unpredictable changes. These phenomena, mathematically known as “jumps”, play an important role in practice. Their quantitative treatment is generally tricky and is sparsely tackled in similar books. One of the main appeals of this book lies in its approachable and concise presentation of the ad hoc mathematical tools without sacrificing the necessary rigor and precision.

This book contains theories and methods which are usually found in highly technical mathematics books or in scattered, often very recent, research articles. It is a remarkable pedagogical work that makes these difficult results accessible to a large readership. Researchers, Masters and PhD students, and financial engineers alike will find this book highly useful.


  • Introduction
  • Market Framework
  • Statistical Description of Markets
  • Lévy Processes
  • Stable Distributions and Processes
  • Laplace Distributions and Processes
  • The Time Change Framework
  • Tail Distributions
  • Risk Budgets
  • The Psychology of Risk
  • Monoperiodic Portfolio Choice
  • Dynamic Portfolio Choice
  • Conclusion

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Christian Walter (2014, 12 janvier). Extreme Financial Risks and Asset Allocation | ARIA Kulp-Wright Book Award 2016. EpistemoFinance. Consulté le 16 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/oguk

Christian Walter

Actuaire agrégé, chercheur en philosophie et sciences sociales, spécialiste des représentations du hasard en finance et dans les modèles de risque / Fully qualified actuary, academic researcher in philosophy and social sciences, specialised in the representation of chance in finance and risk models

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